Intropic has a 6 month limited warranty on anything that might fail on used gear you purchase with us. Excludes any damage done by the owner or third parties.



At Intropic we make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect when you buy used gear with us.

All the gear we have in our shop has been carefully checked and tested to make sure it’s ready to use. Inspections are done by Alberto’s Kite Repair.


Kites and bars

- We inflate each kite and let it sit for 4 hours to make sure it is not losing pressure.

- The entire canopy is checked for any small holes or stichings that might be compromised.

- Briddles and pigtails are checked for rips and weak points.

- Bars are tuned for perfect performance and safety systems are inspected to make sure they’re working properly.


Boards and foils

- We inspect both sides of the boards for dings and scratches.

- Footstraps inspected to make sure they are closing and opening properly.

- Complete hardware inspection to make sure the proper hardware is being used and everything is correctly installed.

Harnesses and accessories

General inspection to assess it's state and make sure systems are working properly.



5 Stars – Gear is in perfect condition. Gear that has barely been used, looks and feels like new. No repairs.

4 Stars – Gear is in very good condition. Does not look brand new but has very little use, might have minor repairs.

3 Stars – Gear is in good condition. Has had normal use but still has a lot of years left on it, might have minor repairs.

2 Stars – Gear is working perfectly but has been used a lot. Still has some time left on it but it’s reaching the end of it's life cycle.

1 Star – Gear is in unusable condition, has been used excessively or has heavy repairs on it. Intropic does not sell 1 star gear.